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Show up when people search for what you offer.
The Click from BigGo means the most relevant Ad traffic.
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Different from video or social media, the Click from BigGo with 2 types of users.
People who are intrersted and following the products
And people who are looking for the store to purchase
We only provide valid click
and you can see the amazing effect on the conversion rate.
Most of the users know the price and status of product before they click product from BigGo
BigGo generates lots of weekday click to the order, the conversion rate is up to 5%~8%.
BigGo ADP can help you to increase the conversion and you just need to provide the product with the best price.
BigGo is the preferred price comparison platform for Taiwanese consumers.
The farthest distance in the world is the consumers visit your site but they don't know you provide the cheapest price for them. The users from BigGo know this better than anyone else.
As a result, you need to improve your sales products' visibility through BigGo.
BigGo ADP brings the consumers who already compared and knew the price to your Website, this will have positive effect on your online sales, pre-order sales, the number of App installation and number of registration
Pay per click
There is no minimum expense for BigGo ADP, you can set the average budget that you’d like to spend each day. No need to pay for publish fee, processing fee or ad impression fee. Only pay when you get the clicks from the users.
Through bidding mode, you can pause or adjust budget anytime to maximize the benefits.
Set a budget that works for you
BigGo ADP can work for almost any advertising budget.
Set a monthly budget cap, and never go over it. Plus, you can pause or adjust your spend anytime.
Decide how much you want to spend for each product and view the result.
All platforms are suitable
No matter which platform you launch your products, once your products can be searched on BigGo, you can buy the ad for it.
Nowadays, it become a common phenomenon to launch products on varities of the platforms for e-commerce, rather than launch the products only on the official website.
How to buy ad for your products in all platforms?
BigGo AD Platform easily to solve all of the problems when you launch your products and need to promote them
All of the setting on BigGo ADP are simple and user-friendly, no need to struggling on creativity
And no need to spend lots of time on creating similar pattern of slogan and pictures which are not really effective ways to attract the consumers.
BigGo ADP provides you the easiest way for the ad setting, just need to click the products you want and complete the setting.
BigGo will automatically remove the product when the product is no longer be sold on your website, no need to worry about the unexpected expenses.
So Easy!
Download ADP tutorial
3 Steps
to get online
Register and log in BigGo ADP.
Set groups, choose products and set Ads.
Set payment method.